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Many of the principal Upanishads convey the idea that our finite and conditioned minds cannot touch that which is infinite - the supreme being.

The Kena Upanishad, begins with the question - Who is it that originates thought when we say that the mind thinks? who is it that sees when we say the eye sees?

The question is 'Who', not 'What' which indicates the existance of a conscious being, who cannot be grasped by the sense organs, 'The Indriyas'. Is there some way out of this conundrum of trying to grasp the ungraspable? this is the subject matter of the upanishads.

- Sri 'M'

About Sri 'M'

Sri M, as Sri Mumtaz Ali is popularly known, is a social activist, educationist and a crusader for inter-religious harmony with a deep knowledge of world religions. At the young age of 19, he traveled to the Himalayas from Kerala, and there he met and lived for several years with a 'real-time' yogi, Babaji. This is part of his unique persona, given his nin-Hindu birth and antecedents. The bonus for those interested in the secrets of yoga, meditation and sankhyan metaphysics is that Sri 'M' is amongst us and is easily reachable. He leads a normal life, married with two children, wears no special robes and conducts himself without pomp or paraphernalia . He needs no precondition to help people, nor does he have any formula for masses. Sri M lives in a valley on the outskirts of Madanapalle in Andhra Pradesh but is often on the move travelling far and wide for lectures.