When God Bowls a Googly by Ashwath Aiyappa
Rs. 250

A very tiny percentage of aspiring sportspeople actually make it to the big league. While some manage to play for their state and salvage a bit of pride, the rest languish in sporting hell. Ashwath Aiyappa shares his story of how he was able to look beyond societal conditioning and face his own psychological demons. In this book, he shows how all the skill in the world is useless if the mind does not allow that skill to be expressed.Ashwath writes of an intelligence that brings about a balance between thinking, feeling and being in the moment. An intelligence that could perhaps lead not only to peak performance states, but also change the way one looks at the world and one’s role in it. An intelligence that is spiritual, indigenous and considered a part of this nation’s bloodstream, yet somehow remains hidden. And how the game he loved most would be instrumental in revealing it.